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What Are The Two Primary Long-Term Advantages of Modular Homes Over Traditional Site Built Homes?

Wondering whether your new home should be built on site or whether you should buy a modular home? For most prospective home builders, that’s not a very easy choice. Mostly because they know next to nothing about modular homes and their advantages …

That’s surprising as modular homes cost less and can be built a lot faster than traditional stick built homes …

Modular homes can be built a lot faster than traditional homes. While the home’s foundation is being constructed at the site, the home may already be getting built at a distant factory. Once the factory completes the home, it’s transported to the site and fastened together in just a few hours. The whole process could be over in a small fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional house.

Since they can be ready in a fraction of the time, they also cost less to build than traditional homes.

But in case you concluded initial cost and speed are the only advantages modular homes have going for them, you are off the mark.

You see, construction costs and speed aren’t the only advantages these homes have. They have a lot more going for them than that. Here are two of their advantages that will leave you wondering why they aren’t a lot more popular than they are now …

Modular homes are a lot stronger. Literally. They have a lot more muscle than site built homes. Since modular homes have to be strong enough to be transported on flat bed trucks over large distances, some experts say they are built with up to 20 to 30% more materials than traditional homes. Yes. That’s 20 to 30% more! Now, how much would it cost to build a traditional home with 20 to 30% more materials? No wonder modular homes are a lot safer to live in. Especially in areas prone to hurricanes.

Modular homes are made of higher quality raw materials: You see, modular homes are built in factories. These factories buy high-quality raw materials – even brand name products – from suppliers in very large quantities. And when someone buys materials from them in very large quantities, suppliers give huge discounts. Which means you get higher quality homes at lower prices.

Also, modular homes have to undergo stringent third party inspection at every stage of the construction. This is to ensure that the home meets or even exceed the specifications at every step of the way.

But that’s not all. Modular homes aren’t the stereotypical boxes most people seem to believe they are. From a simple shed to a grand three bedroom two story mansion, you can build just about anything.

So modular homes are cheaper, stronger and are of higher quality. They are so much better than stick built homes that some experts opine that you might be able to save up to 25% by choosing modular homes over traditional homes.

Ever wondered why more people aren’t opting to build modular homes when they are so much better?

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