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The Bad Tramsportation in The Wordl

Transportation is very influential on logistics distribution, both on land, sea and air.

The reason is, transportation costs also contribute to the price of goods. Even contributing more than production costs. So that domestic products cannot compete with foreign products.

“Starting from Sumatra, Java, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Sulawesi, and Papua, the aim is to reverse the potential for poverty to escape poverty. The western and eastern gaps are moderate, the highest poverty is in Papua, West Papua and Maluku. This is influenced by infrastructure, “said the Professor of Transportation at the Faculty of Engineering, Hasanudin University.

Infrastructure correlates with areas of high poverty. Because it is influenced by energy, water resources, transportation, especially sea transportation.

According to Yamin, Indonesia’s sea transportation system is not good. This could result in the first expensive domestic products, because shipping goods from one island to another takes a long time, as well as the loading and unloading process.

Both ship problems. Most ships owned by Indonesian companies are old. This can make costs for maintenance high, so the total cost of transferring goods becomes more expensive. Third, capital issues related to investment. Ships are expensive, but difficult to recover investment. Because the company must pay the obligation of the ship to the port manager, the cost component at sea and high fuel. This high cost is due to differentiation, such as waiting time for ships that are too long which also costs total costs, because it is expensive.

“We are a maritime country, we are surrounded by 17,500 islands, our geographical location is three islands sea lanes. A few days ago, oranges from Papolo brought 16 tons to Jakarta, transportation costs could be more than 10 million, meaning one kilogram is more expensive than Chinese oranges, over time our products don’t sell in their own country, “Yasmin said.

Fourth, port. Ports in Indonesia have problems, sea access has a lot of siltation of pier docks which have caused the space of movement, as well as ships that travel. Fifth, land access. Indonesia has containers stacked in the port. Even though the goods in containers should be distributed to the destination or source of production. But the problem of the port to the road is problematic.

“Container is much more modern, while the geometric conditions of the road have not been adapted by containers,” he said.



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