Recommendations on how to choose a folding bike

Folding bikes are folded bikes that easy to carry around. There are now many folding bike manufacturers, such as Apollo, Evergreen, United Trifold, and others. Each product has its own characteristics, so it often makes us confused when choosing.

In this article, we will discuss about what things to consider when choosing a folding bike. We will also provide the best folding bike recommendations we have selected carefully. Hope this article can help you!

How to Choose a Folding Bike

Here we will explain how to choose a folding bike to help you find the product that suits you!

Choose by type of folding bike

Basically the function of folding bike and ordinary bike is not different, just folding bike is more practical because it can be folded and carried around. Well, here we will explain the types of folding bikes.

Brand type

Folding bikes with brands are more expensive than those without brand. Usually, folding bikes with a brand usually have a more attractive design. The design offered by each brand has its own uniqueness, in addition to its performance and durability is usually better.

Therefore, whenever possible choose a product with a brand so you can get the best quality guaranteed product.

Transmission gear type

Bicycles with transmission can make it easier for you to cross various obstacles, especially on the narrow roads that are difficult terrain. If your bike has a basket on its front, this type will lighten the journey as you carry a pretty heavy item in the basket.

There are two types of transmission, the type of lever and type of grip. Each has its own advantages, so choose the type of transmission that suits you.

Compact model type

If you want to carry a folding bike by car or while riding a public vehicle, a bike with a compact design would be better. To make it easier to carry, it’s better to have no protruding parts like a saddle and a bike grip so as not to bother you and others around you.

Therefore, choose the type that the grip part and the saddle can also be folded.

Electric assist type

When you use a bicycle while carrying heavy items or cycling on the road uphill, a bike with the help of electric power will be very helpful. Bicycles equipped with this feature has a real expensive price, but the benefits offered are worth it.

Consider the weight of the bike

The weight of a folding bike is about 10-20 kg, the heavier the bike will certainly be more difficult to fold and carry around. If you want to carry a bicycle while traveling on public transport or into the building, you should choose a folding bike with a weight of about 10 kg only.

Consider the size of the bicycle tire for comfort while driving

The smaller the size of the bicycle tire, the easier the bike is folded. However, the smaller the tires will be more difficult and dangerous when used driving. Tire size is usually used is 14-20 inches.

Unusual tire size will make you trouble when looking for a replacement when the tire is damaged. So choose a commonly used tire size.

Check the folding method

Each bike has different folding ways. The most common folding method is the folding of the handle and the body of the bicycle.

There are some bicycles that can only be folded the handle only and the bike is stored vertically. The more folded parts are practical, but the more folded parts will make the bike less stable and dangerous to climb. So, choose a bike by folding it to suit your needs.

Avoid buying bikes that are too cheap

Folding bikes have many parts that can be folded so that durability must be strong. However, strong folding bikes and quality generally have a fairly expensive price. Although if lucky, maybe you can find cheap folding bikes with good quality. You need to know that folding bikes are available at cheap prices not necessarily guaranteed quality. Always choose a strong and quality bike for your safety while driving.

If possible, avoid buying products that are too cheap and make sure the durability of the bike by conducting trials in advance or see the presence or absence of official stickers on its products.

Pay attention to the following when parking your bike!

Although folding bikes are easy to carry around, you can not carelessly bring in your bike into the room, especially when you’re in a public place. Therefore make sure the pedal and the handle of the bike can be folded properly, so as not to disturb others.

When carrying a folding bike in a public place, make sure that the bike is not left behind and disturb the comfort of the people around you.

Pay attention the following when buying a used bike!

When buying a used bicycle, first check the condition carefully. By knowing the length of time from the start of a new purchase and the care of the previous owner, you can find out the additional conditions and treatments needed.

If you are not sure you can take care of your own bike, take the bike to a bicycle-specific workshop. For convenience, buy a used bicycle in a store that you believe in its quality.

The best option is to buy new items rather than used goods, because the maintenance costs you need for used bicycles do not vary much if you buy a new bike.


Well, if this article can help you in choosing your dream folding bike?

The most important thing in choosing a folding bike is to adjust it to your needs and comfort. An exhausting trip on a bike can be fun.

A few articles about folding bike this time. Hope you can be helped with the information we provide. 

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