Recommendations on how to choose a folding bike

Folding bikes are folded bikes that easy to carry around. There are now many folding bike manufacturers, such as Apollo, Evergreen, United Trifold, and others. Each product has its own characteristics, so it often makes us confused when choosing.

In this article, we will discuss about what things to consider when choosing a folding bike. We will also provide the best folding bike recommendations we have selected carefully. Hope this article can help you!

How to Choose a Folding Bike

Here we will explain how to choose a folding bike to help you find the product that suits you!

Choose by type of folding bike

Basically the function of folding bike and ordinary bike is not different, just folding bike is more practical because it can be folded and carried around. Well, here we will explain the types of folding bikes.

Brand type

Folding bikes with brands are more expensive than those without brand. Usually, folding bikes with a brand usually have a more attractive design. The design offered by each brand has its own uniqueness, in addition to its performance and durability is usually better.

Therefore, whenever possible choose a product with a brand so you can get the best quality guaranteed product.

Transmission gear type

Bicycles with transmission can make it easier for you to cross various obstacles, especially on the narrow roads that are difficult terrain. If your bike has a basket on its front, this type will lighten the journey as you carry a pretty heavy item in the basket.

There are two types of transmission, the type of lever and type of grip. Each has its own advantages, so choose the type of transmission that suits you.

Compact model type

If you want to carry a folding bike by car or while riding a public vehicle, a bike with a compact design would be better. To make it easier to carry, it’s better to have no protruding parts like a saddle and a bike grip so as not to bother you and others around you.

Therefore, choose the type that the grip part and the saddle can also be folded.

Electric assist type

When you use a bicycle while carrying heavy items or cycling on the road uphill, a bike with the help of electric power will be very helpful. Bicycles equipped with this feature has a real expensive price, but the benefits offered are worth it.

Consider the weight of the bike

The weight of a folding bike is about 10-20 kg, the heavier the bike will certainly be more difficult to fold and carry around. If you want to carry a bicycle while traveling on public transport or into the building, you should choose a folding bike with a weight of about 10 kg only.

Consider the size of the bicycle tire for comfort while driving

The smaller the size of the bicycle tire, the easier the bike is folded. However, the smaller the tires will be more difficult and dangerous when used driving. Tire size is usually used is 14-20 inches.

Unusual tire size will make you trouble when looking for a replacement when the tire is damaged. So choose a commonly used tire size.

Check the folding method

Each bike has different folding ways. The most common folding method is the folding of the handle and the body of the bicycle.

There are some bicycles that can only be folded the handle only and the bike is stored vertically. The more folded parts are practical, but the more folded parts will make the bike less stable and dangerous to climb. So, choose a bike by folding it to suit your needs.

Avoid buying bikes that are too cheap

Folding bikes have many parts that can be folded so that durability must be strong. However, strong folding bikes and quality generally have a fairly expensive price. Although if lucky, maybe you can find cheap folding bikes with good quality. You need to know that folding bikes are available at cheap prices not necessarily guaranteed quality. Always choose a strong and quality bike for your safety while driving.

If possible, avoid buying products that are too cheap and make sure the durability of the bike by conducting trials in advance or see the presence or absence of official stickers on its products.

Pay attention to the following when parking your bike!

Although folding bikes are easy to carry around, you can not carelessly bring in your bike into the room, especially when you’re in a public place. Therefore make sure the pedal and the handle of the bike can be folded properly, so as not to disturb others.

When carrying a folding bike in a public place, make sure that the bike is not left behind and disturb the comfort of the people around you.

Pay attention the following when buying a used bike!

When buying a used bicycle, first check the condition carefully. By knowing the length of time from the start of a new purchase and the care of the previous owner, you can find out the additional conditions and treatments needed.

If you are not sure you can take care of your own bike, take the bike to a bicycle-specific workshop. For convenience, buy a used bicycle in a store that you believe in its quality.

The best option is to buy new items rather than used goods, because the maintenance costs you need for used bicycles do not vary much if you buy a new bike.


Well, if this article can help you in choosing your dream folding bike?

The most important thing in choosing a folding bike is to adjust it to your needs and comfort. An exhausting trip on a bike can be fun.

A few articles about folding bike this time. Hope you can be helped with the information we provide. 

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10 Best-buy Mountain Bike Recommendation For Beginners

mountain bike recommendation for beginner - theartdossier

Mountain bikes can be used for a variety of fields, ranging from smooth city streets to raggy mountain roads. When choosing a mountain bike for the first time, you definitely feel confused because there are so many types of mountain bikes to choose from.

Famous bike manufacturers such as United, Polygon, and Viva Cycle, have many mountain bikes out. Therefore, this time we will recommend 10 best mountain bikes for beginners.

How to Choose a Mountain Bike

When choosing a mountain bike for the first time, the many types of mountain bikes make you confused to choosing. Therefore, we will introduce a type of mountain bike that you can choose based on road conditions and equipment used. If you know what road conditions you will meet and what equipment will be used, then choosing a mountain bike will become easier.

Choose based on the road conditions you will meet

Speaking of mountain bikes, then the choice of bike selected can be different depending on road conditions. If you choose a mountain bike by matching the road conditions you will meet, then you will feel more comfortable when cycling.

Bicycles commonly used on urban streets

For those of you who will use the bike for daily activities, then we recommend to use the entry-level bike that is the type of bike with beginner mode. Bicycles with this mode are cheap and have good quality.

Many entry level mountain bikes combine the front suspension with disc brakes. If you want speed, then choose a bike with a large tire size, because the bike with a large tire size has a good acceleration.

Cycling on raggy roads

If you want to try to be on the off road track, then you need to think about the budget you need to spend. You need a little spend in the deep to buy a mountain bike that is suitable for heavy terrain.

If you want to spending a little more money on a bike, then you can try to buy an entry level mountain bike. Mountain bikes that have hydraulic disc brakes are suitable for slippery streets, so you can feel safe when cycling.

Beginners who want to try the hill climb and down hill

For those of you who want to try hill climb and down hill on the slopes, it is important to choose a bike that matches the terrain you will encounter. If you want to try mountain bike racing, then you will do some jumps and over the obstacles, because that type of bike used for terrain like this is usually very expensive.

This type of bike must have the ability to pass a heavy road, and also needs to be equipped with full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and full carbon frames. Because of the different components of mountain bikes in general, the price of bikes for hill climb and down hill is more expensive. Mountain bikes are used for down hill and hill climb is also requires the cost of care and inspection that not cheap.

Selecting equipment

When choosing a mountain bike for the first time, the easiest thing to do is choose a frame. However, in addition to the frame, you also need to pay attention to other equipment. We’ll explain two bike fixtures you need to know.

Tire size

Tire commonly used for mountain bikes is 26-inch size. However, lately, tires 29 inches are also commonly used for ordinary mountain bikes or mountain bikes for the race. The advantages of the 29-inch tires are the density and the ability to move. The 29-inch tire also has good acceleration, so you’ll feel comfortable cycling at a fast pace even in the urban streets. Because, the larger the size of the tire, the better the ability.

Lately there is a tire size that is popular, the size 650 B. 650 B is the size between the tires 26 inches and 29 inches that have acceleration better than 26 inches with light handling.

Disc brakes

After matching the size of the tire, the other equipment you need to take note of is the brake discs. Lately, many mountain bikes use disc brakes. This disc brake has a strong braking ability, so you can feel safe and comfortable when cycling.

Disc brakes have two types, namely mechanical and hydraulic. The difference is that the mechanical brakes use the cable, while the hydraulic use oil. For those of you beginners who want to try cycling on actual down-hill tracks, then we recommend to use hydraulic brakes, because of its strong braking power.

10 Recommendations of the best mountain bikes

Now, we will recommend the best 10 mountain bikes for beginners.

10. Viva Cycle Morelli 560

Mountain bikes with a space-saving portable design

This one mountain bike has a design that is easy to carry anywhere. You can keep it in a car or train, without fear of taking up space. This bike is suitable for all circles, ranging from children to adults, because the size is not too large nor too small.

Has a 26-inch tire size suitable for urban streets, and strong hi-ten frames. Equipped also with disc brakes, so you will feel more secure and comfortable when wearing them. Explore the urban streets safely and comfortably with the Viva Cycle Morelli 560.

9. Polygon Monarch 2 Lady

Comfortable to go around the city

For those of you who like to bike in the morning or afternoon by bicycle, then Polygon Monarch 2 Lady can be a suitable choice for you. Designed with the size of 26-inch tires and mechanical disc brakes that are suitable for urban streets.

Front suspension contained on this mountain bike also allows you to ride on uneven roads. Having twenty-one speed gears makes you more flexible when cycling. This bike is also strong and durable, because it is equipped with hi-ten frames.

8. United Venus XC 77

Has a lightweight and durable frame

One of the attractions of Venus XC 77 is using frames made of aluminum alloy. This alloy frame is aluminum-based, making it lighter than other bicycle frames made of iron. Equipped also with the size of 26-inch tires and hydraulic disc brakes are suitable for beginners.

Quality shift system using Shimano device on the front gear and Shimano Acera on the rear gear. The front suspension can also help you bike easily on unpaved roads. This one mountain bike is perfect to accompany you around the city.

7. Viva Cycle Zenox 660

Browse the streets of the city comfortably

This one mountain bike is designed for beginners. The size of 26-inch tires and mechanical disc brakes, suitable for menyulusari urban roads are smooth. The front suspension also helps the bike trace the bumpy road steadily.

Its main component uses Shimano which is no doubt of its quality by mountain bike lovers. Viva Cycle Zenox 660 is also lightweight and anti-rust because it uses aluminum alloy frames. Enjoy cycling activities along the corner of the city by using the Viva Cycle Zenox 660.

6. Polygon Monarch 5

New versions of the monarch are tough and comfortable to wear

Following in the footsteps of previous monarch versions, Polygon Monarch 5 also wore lightweight and anti-rust alloys for its frame. Although still using the mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear, but the braking power of grip, so you can still ride safely and comfortably.

For front and rear gear shifting, this mountain bike uses Shimano Tourney which is a quality spare part from Japan. Shock breaker is soft and durable also suitable for down-hill activities. If you are looking for a tough and comfortable bike, then Polygon Monarch 5 is the answer.

5. Polygon Xtrada 6

Entrance level mountain bike with hydraulic brake

Polygon Xtrada 6 is an entry level mountain bike with a pretty good specification to be used by beginners. Unlike most mountain bikes, which still use mechanical disc brakes, this one mountain bike has used a hydraulic disc brakes are grip.

This bike uses a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and anti-rust, as well as fork front is pretty good, ie Suntour XCM T120 mili meter lock out. Speed up to 10 speed of gear that gives more flexibility when cycling. Easy tooth transfer system makes this mountain bike suitable for use by beginners.

4. Pacific Invert 500

Comfortable for all road conditions

Pacific Invert 500 uses full suspension suitable for all road conditions. The front suspension can also be locked, so you’ll still feel comfortable while cycling on the urban streets. The frame is also light and stainless because it uses frame alloy.

Braking system uses hydraulic disc brakes that have a very braking braking force. The main component of this mountain bike uses Shimano which is a quality spare part that is widely used on other mountain bikes. The choice of speed up to 24 speed gear also makes this bike more flexible to use for all mcam road conditions. Suitable for you who like to ride a bike in the city and who want a little off road.

3. United Detroit 1.0

Sturdy and handsome with a large tire size

This one mountain bike has a size of 27.5-inch tires, so it looks more sturdy and handsome. In addition, with the size of a large tire makes this bike can also move faster and can increase the grip tire. The wheels can also be removed easily, even without the tools.

Has a speed of 24 speed gear that makes this bike can be more flexible used for all kinds of street conditions. Another feature of the United Detroit 1.0 is its brakes using standard mechanical disc brakes, and lightweight aluminum alloy frames and rust resistant. This is the recommended bike for you who want to look dashing when cycling.

2. United Crossline 3.0

Suitable for beginners who want to try downhill and hill climb

If you want to try cycling on the off road track, then United Crossline 3.0 you need input into the options. With a full suspension that makes this bike suitable for all terrain, be it urban streets or streets are intended for off road activities.

Using a frame made from alloys makes this mountain bike lightweight, strong, and not easily rusty. Brake system uses front and rear disc brakes, so you will still feel safe when wearing them. It has a 24 speed gear with a Shimano Tourney TX front and rear spare part that makes your cycling activities more flexible, even for heavy terrain. This is the recommended bike for you who want to try the activity of down hill or hill climb.

1. Gallium Element

Mountain bike for all terrain

Ranging from urban seamless streets to off road tracks on mountain slopes, all can be overcome with this one mountain bike. It has a hydraulic disc brake system that has the same technology as the motor, so you will feel safer even when crossing sharp derivatives or when the brakes are sudden. Full suspension also makes this bike suitable for all terrain.

Its frame is made of aluminum alloy, so it is light and not easy to rust. Tire size larger than the other mountain bike that is 27.5 inches makes you can bike faster. Another feature that makes this bike more interesting is, when you want to use on the horizontal road, you can lock the front suspension with a lock switch model.


How about this article? Have you found a suitable mountain bike? By focusing on the bike fixtures and road conditions that you will encounter, then you can definitely get the right bike for you to use. Find a mountain bike that can be used for a long period of time and enjoy your cycling activities.

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