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Why go to a psychologist?

You may be wondering, why the need to go to the psychologist can tell me if the problems encountered with the people closest to you? Indeed there is no harm in telling his story with the people closest to you. However, psychologists can help you more quickly and effectively.
I Need Help With Depression
Psychologists have been trained and experienced to really listen to their clients. Through a series of education and training, they have provided the capability of digging the roots of the problem based on your story. They also have a skill that is taught you how to the best mechanism for dealing with the problem.

In addition, the psychologist is a neutral figure. He could not be biased and had no personal desire so that You do things that are inconsistent with the values that You own cherished beliefs. In contrast to a family member or partner. They probably will give inappropriate advice to you. This is because the nearest people usually already had an idea or hope will figure your ideal, but not necessarily right.

Do I need a consultation psychology?

There is a view that only community erred in “crazy person” who had to go to a psychologist. In fact, anyone can be a psychology consulting and need to do for the sake of her mental health. No need to be diagnosed with depression or have psychiatric first recently went to a psychologist.

Think of it as a health check to the doctor or take immunization so immune to the disease. Remember, mental health is as important as the health of your body.

When you experience the signs below, please search the help of psychologists.

1. Your problem is already very disturbing
Notice how intense your reaction to problems that arise. For example can’t the concentration-time of College, work, or parenting. Could You also so often crying or rage.

Other symptoms that need to be observed is the despair, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite or precisely want to eat constantly, headaches and abdominal pain without an obvious cause, as well as withdraw from the people around you. Especially if the reaction has already lasted more than two weeks.

2. you’ve done a variety of ways to solve the problem, but was not successful
You may have already made the effort a lot of ways to solve the problem. For example, on vacation, worship, or talk with people nearby. Unfortunately, these ways have not managed to improve your condition.

You need other mechanisms for dealing with this situation. The way is to consult a psychologist. Remember, ask for the help of psychologist does not mean You are weak or crazy. Thus meaning you willing and capable of taking care of yourself.

3. the family or a friend getting tired with your complaint
Initially, the nearest person might be you always are there and supportive. However, they are long away or avoid the topic of conversation about your problem. Means the person closest to you are already overwhelmed and no longer able to cope with the variety of your complaint. This is natural because it is not all of the people provided with adequate mental health sciences.HS

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