Photo: By George Burles (via LIC Post)

What’s in the news…

Of the 400 top non-profit fundraisers in the United States, only 13 are arts and culture groups. “They include one Southern California organization, the San Diego Zoo, which raised $57.65 million to rank 363rd. Also in the Top 400 list compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy were the Smithsonian Institution and five other museums, four performing arts organizations, one hybrid (the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, whose tenants include the High Museum of Art, the Atlanta Symphony and the Alliance Theatre), and the George W. Bush Presidential Museum and Library, which opened this year in Dallas.” [Los Angeles Times]

Everyone in New York loves Banksy, everyone except Mayor Bloomberg that is. “The New York Daily News reported this week that the New York Police Department is searching for the artist to charge him with vandalism. An NYPD spokesman would not confirm or deny a Banksy manhunt but said the department’s vandal squad investigates all graffiti complaints. New Yorkers have flocked to Banksy’s art, eager to view pieces before they are defaced or removed, possibly by rival artists or those who think Banksy’s work is shallow and his fame undeserved.” [The Guardian]

Washington DC credit card thief has a taste for fine art. “A Gaithersburg man with a taste for early Modernism and Damien Hirst was sentenced today to 38 months in prison for felony fraud. Kevin T. Washington, 48, used his gig as a waiter at an unnamed Georgetown restaurant to gather four diners’ credit card information, which he used to buy some really, really nice stuff…But most impressively, from a taste perspective, Washington purchased $46,000 of work from a Georgetown art gallery, including etchings by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and contemporary art darling Damien Hirst. (Perhaps Washington was as underwhelmed by Hirst’s work as some of the artist’s critics; he pawned the works at a store in Fairfax County.)” [Washington City Paper]

Long Island City’s 5 Pointz won’t be destroyed just yet. “The demolition crew tasked with the job of bulldozing 5 Pointz is going to have to wait–as the 5 Pointz artists were able to convince a Federal Court Judge today to grant them a temporary restraining order, which prohibits the developer from tampering with the building. The decision follows a lawsuit filed by 17 artists last week against G&M Realty (the owner of the property), which argues that the building cannot be destroyed since it would undermine the plaintiffs’ artwork as defined by the 1990 Visual Artists Rights Act.” [LIC Post]

Photo: By George Burles (via LIC Post)