#41 Kreeger Museum, Washington, DC

Complex Magazine Gives Their List of the 50 Coolest Museums

#41 Kreeger Museum, Washington, DC

Complex Magazine recently put up their list of the 50 coolest international museums. Most of them were US-based institutions and many were a great surprise and some were museums we had never heard of, but all of them were definitely cool for a variety of different reasons. They also made us want to get started on that cross-country road trip we have been planning. We decided to share the list so you too can see some of the coolest museums in the world. It is so hard to narrow it down to only 50, but Complex did a pretty good job. Would your list be the same?

The world is full of awesome museums. The Hermitage, the Louvre, the MET… we know and adore these grand institutions. We love them so much, that occasionally we forget about other can’t miss spots. “Cool” is, of course, subjective. However, there are certain museums that either have undeniably awesome collections or offer unparalleled experiences. These are the places that made this list. Included are awesome centers of contemporary art, quirky holdings of anthropological items, and one of New England’s overlooked house museums. (via Complex)

Here are the 50 Coolest Museums.

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